AngularJS CRUD CheckList


I have created a detailed walkthru for the step-by-step creation of an AngularJS CRUD application using WEB API, MVC 5, Entity Framework at

But I find a simple checklist can be of great aid to remember all the little details to be done. Hence this is that list.

Task ID Task/Step
1Design database
2Create seed scripts
3Create empty Web Application Project, add MVC and WEB API References
4Add UnitTest and Datalayer projects to the solution
5Add NuGet packages to projects.
6DataLayer Project, add the ADO.NET Entity Data Model
7DataLayer Project, create IRepository/Repository pattern.
8UnitTest Project, add reference to DataLayer Project - copy local the DLL
9UnitTest Project, add MoQ and NUnit frameworks
10UnitTest Project, create failing unit test, then create passing test
11Web Project, add reference to DataLayer Project - copy local the DLL
12Web Project, Add empty Web API 2 Controller
13Web Project, add reference to IRepository to new Web API Controller, implement methods in interface.
14Web Project, add new empty MVC 5 Controller
15Web Project, add new _LayoutPage.cshtml to Shared folder
16Web Project, add new class named BundleConfig.cs to App_Start folder
17Web Project, You may need to install the Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization via NuGet - without it the BundleCollection will not instantiate.
18Web Project, modify Global.asax.cs add BundleConfig.RegisterBundles(BundleTable.Bundles);
19Web Project, using the new HomeController add a new View referencing the _LayoutPage.cshtml in Shared.
20Web Project, add the following to the new Index.cshtml to reference the bundles @Styles.Render("~/Content/VendorCss"), and @Scripts.Render("~/Scripts/VendorJavaScript")
21Web Project, add the ng-app and ng-view to the Index.cshtml
22Web Project, create the AngularJS folder structure see John Papa
23Web Project, create app.js
24Web Project, create service for WEB API methods.
25Web Project, create controller
26Web Project, create view
27Web Project, update Index.cshtml to reference @Scripts.Render("~/bundles/Application")
28Web Project, add Json Formatter settings to Global.asax.cs
29Update All App.Config and Web.Config files, make sure the Datalayer is copy local for non Datalayer projects.

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