Setting up Kinect Sensor on the PC

Microsoft Research has released the Kinect for Windows SDK BETA (32/64 bit versions).  Connecting the Kinect sensor to the PC is quite easy, but there are some things to consider.  The Xbox360 game console that has the Kinect sensor, the connector is not USB compatible. 


You must purchase an external power supply for the Kinect sensor (I had to call Microsoft Xbox Technical Support to verify this, because the information on the web was inconsistent).

On the channel9 video, that shows you how to setup the Kinect sensor – it refers to the Microsoft Store and a device that does not exist (USB Cable), but the picture shown is the Kinect Sensor Power Supply, which has a female connector for the Kinect jack and a USB output connector.


The price for the Kinect Sensor Power Supply at the Microsoft Store is 34.95, but I purchased mine from Amazon for 11.64, with next day Prime Shipping (3.99).  Neither product description is very helpful, and the one from Amazon only had a 3-star rating based on one review by a person who was trying to use it for a totally different purpose than the Kinect Sensor.

My workstation with the Kinect operating:


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